abbyphotoA little about me:
Hello! I’m Abby Beard, and I’m excited you’re visiting my site! I am a graphic designer & photographer currently living in Charlotte, NC. I am a permanent wanderluster, and I love traveling and seeing new places. I love Jesus, laughing, love, coffee, donuts, elephants, and anything vintage.

A little about Conteur:
CONTEUR means STORYTELLER in French. Being a storyteller is the reason I do what I do. I am a graphic designer and photographer that strives to help you tell your story—whether that is through my designs or photos.

A little about my work:
My aesthetic and approach to photography is pretty simple: natural. I love natural light, beautiful colors, and raw emotions. It brings me joy to able to help tell a person’s story and show their love, passion, and spirit within a photograph. As for design, it was my first love. I have always been an artsy person and going to school for graphic design was the best decision of my life. My passion for design grows everyday, and I find myself observing it everywhere I go.  My inspirations are constantly evolving, but right now I am most inspired by the mixture of a vintage/rustic style with the clean, geometric style represented in the International Typographic Style.