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Hi there! I’m Abby Beard, the owner, designer, & photographer behind Conteur Co. I have been an avid creative since I was a young girl (seriously…I tried to sell my artwork on the top of my stairs in my house), so I always knew that I wanted to do something creative and revolving around art with my life, because it in fact, gives me life. I went to university and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, but I knew I couldn’t leave my love for photography behind. When I created Conteur Co., I wanted to create a company that [one] combined my two loves for design and photography and [two] helped people tell their stories.

Conteur Co. (conteur meaning storyteller) is dedicated to creatively telling stories through design and photography. Everyone has a story to tell. That story could be about your new business, your new marriage, about your family, a new project you're working on, something you’re passionate about…anything! My goal is to help you tell your story in a beautiful way, in a way that’s unique to you, in a way that fits your personality and hopes and dreams, and in a way that makes you proud of your story.

Maybe you need portraits taken, a logo for your new venture, business cards, photos and design for a look book, or new branding. The possibilities are endless, and I am ready to go after anything with you!

Ready to tell your story? Have everything prepared? Don’t have anything prepared or know where to start? No worries! I’m here to happily help and jump into this with you no matter where you are! Click here to fill out the contact form or email me at


Fun Facts about me:

  • I’m a disciple and lover of Jesus.
  • I have a serious addiction to donuts. It’s an addiction that is so very real, that even people who barely know me know of my love for those delicious things. The topic of donuts usually comes up at least once in most conversations, and I actually have a donut philosophy. It’s bad, guys.
  • Adventures are one of my love languages.
  • I absolutely love traveling and seeing/experiencing new places. I recently got a scratch off world map, and I want to scratch off the entire map in my lifetime.
  • I laugh. a lot. I mean, who doesn't love a little joy?
  • I’m a dreamer and have a huge dream/bucket list.
  • I love some good denim on denim wardrobe action.
  • I am not a writer, but I have started to love it in the last year or so. I have a personal blog to talk about things I’m learning, places I’m going, and ministry I’m involved with here: